Daliyana Hamid








What defines your classes?

Meditation through movement. Lightness, joy and acceptance.

I believe that everybody and everybody is different. I encourage my students to celebrate their differences by bringing their own wisdom of their bodies to their mats, to stay curious, and focus on exploring and cultivating their individual yoga practices through pranayama (breathing practices) and asana (physical movements).


How did you start with yoga?

I first stumbled into yoga sixteen years ago, when my brother and I had unintentionally joined an advanced class in a gym. Sadly, it was an awful experience, so I’d boxed yoga in as a “boring activity” that wasn’t “for” me. However, I became acquainted with yoga again several years later and haven’t looked back since!

I started out with a regular hot yoga practice and still go for the occasional hot yoga class, but I enjoy experimenting with other yoga streams and teaching hatha yoga most.


What can I expect during class?

You’ll start exploring the vast expanse of your capabilities – mentally, physically and perhaps, spiritually.

The sessions are light-hearted, joyful and energetic and always end with a relaxing repose. I’ll guide you through every posture so you can choreograph your breath with your movements, and I’ll offer gentle suggestions for physical adjustments for both curious beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.


Is there something you'd like your students to take away?

To realize that they are their own best teachers.

To sweeten life with humor and levity.

To question everything.

To honor their yoga practice by respecting their physical limitations, by being patient with themselves.

And that yoga is not about getting into a perfect pretzel shape to post on Instagram 


Daliyana kann direkt angesprochen werden:

Email: daliyana.hamid@lebenskunst-bonn.de

Instagram: @yoga_with_dali

Twitter: @dalliyanahamid