Yoga teacher (Yoga New Vision), Vinyasa Yoga

»Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.«

The Bhagavad Gita

About Jamila

During her life experience, Jamila understood that healing comes mostly from within. This understanding connected her to the Yoga practice and its philosophy and gave her the perspective to see Yoga as a way of being that brings greater peace, clarity, and joy into ones’ life.

Jamila has been practicing Yoga since many years and has been refining her knowledge over the past year through 200hrs Teacher Training in Bali. Her style of teaching is inspired by the principle of »ease and comfort«, and she does her very best to make the sequence accessible to practitioners of all levels, so that everyone can feel comfortable and challenged in her/his own boundaries.

Jamila travelled, worked, and lived in many countries, holds an engineering and MBA degrees, and feels very passionate about sharing this joyful and healing practice of Yoga!

About Jamila's Class: Vinyasa Yoga

In this Vinyasa class, we emphasize movement and coordination of movement with breath.

We focus on aligning a deliberate sequence of postures with the inhalation/exhalation to achieve a continuous flow.  This leads to a deep connection to our energetic state, body, and mind.

We move through several sun salutations, standing/balancing/stretching postures and we end the class with a relaxing savasana.

This Vinyasa class is for all levels and will help with building overall strength and flexibility while providing a calming mental state.


Please feel free to contact Jamila personally: jamila(at)lebenskunst-bonn.de

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